Boats vs Manatees

Boats vs Manatees
Boats vs Manatees is a 3-piece rock band and brain-child of Josh Day featuring members of past and present area groups like We Are the Branches, Thumbelina and the Tangerine Fists of Justice, Riflebird, and Godluck and Godspeed. After a two year hiatus, they are reuniting at MWMF 2014. They are influenced by bands such as Thrice, Brand New, Muse, and Pedro the Lion.
Members: Josh Day, Joel Sutton, Randal Kline
Genre(s): indie rock, math rock, rock, post-punk
Official Website:
On The Noisy Neighbor:
Social Media: Boats vs Manatees Facebook Boats vs Manatees Bancamp Boats vs Manatees Soundcloud
Contact/Booking: email
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