Express yo’ self—for KQAL-FM 89.5

Express yo’ self—for KQAL-FM 89.5

KQAL-FM 89.5 Winona, MN is putting together it’s annual report for the Legislature. If our programming has helped you (a community event, musician, artist, cultural programming) or made a great impact for you or your organization, would you please consider emailing me (Teri) or our station manager (Doug) a quick note expressing how or why? Maybe you’re an active audience member that would like to say a few words about how our original MN legacy programming is a value. If so, please share with us. It helps us to keep funding “Art Beat”, “Culture Clique”, “Don’t Cha Know” and “The Live Feed” along with “Hollywood MN” – all which bring awareness to how great our community along with all of Minnesota is and all that we have to offer. Thanks a million for helping out!

I can be reached at or you can contact Doug Westerman at

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