The MWMF 2016 Artist Sampler

The MWMF 2016 Artist Sampler

April Showers bring April MWMF Artist Samplers! The Noisy Neighbor and Mid West Music Fest are back with another MWMF Artist Sampler. Check out some bands playing the 7th annual Mid West Music Fest taking place April 16th in La Crosse, WI and April 28-30th in Winona on this bad boy available here just for you…and all the other people on the internet. You get songs from some of the best regional musical artists out there when you download this year’s album for free. Yeah, that’s right—it’s free! And you don’t even have to sign in through your Facebook account or sign up for TIDAL to get it. Enjoy and buy some tickets already!

Check out the line-up, schedule, and ticket information at See you there!

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