PEZ on the River

PEZ on the River

This is the maiden voyage for PEZ on the River— Winona’s first PEZ convention taking place October 10-11 at the Riverport Inn. It is basically a gathering of PEZ heads, which to the layperson means PEZ collectors, PEZ enthusiasts, and those that support their loved ones in their PEZ-fueled obsessions. Collectors and PEZ geeks from around the country are making their way to Winona for the event. There will be PEZ dealers from around the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Michigan. Being a (former) collector myself with over 500 PEZ dispensers laying around plus 2 MN PEZCon attendances and a trip to the PEZ museum outside of San Francisco under my belt—I’m pretty excited for a PEZ convention to come to my own backyard.  I may just have to get back into the PEZ game to the chagrin of my wife, I’m sure.

Friday, October 10th will be registration, check-in, and room hopping for a chance to get a peek at what is to come the next day before the public. Saturday is the show that will be open to the public from 10am-1pm. The cost for entrance into the show is $5 per person with a $10 maximum for families. This will make it affordable to families of any size. There will be current PEZ for the trendy newcomers, vintage PEZ for those nostalgic old-timers, pins, bags, and many other PEZ-rific items for show goers. There will also be a silent charity auction occurring during the show with proceeds going to benefit local non-profit organization Home and Community Options, Inc. Be there because it’s bound to be sweet.

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The Details:

What: PEZ on the River
When: Friday October 10th – Saturday October 11th
Where: Express Suites, Riverport Inn

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