Section 8

Section 8
Section 8 was formed in 1991 with intention of performing a wide variety of musical styles featuring a screaming horn section with a high powered rhythm section. Some of the members are music professionals currently instructing at area high schools and universities. All of the members have extensive music backgrounds that include performing, teaching, and recording. Composing original arrangements of musical selections gives the band the unique ability to perform many styles. The band has the ability to perform a song from it’s original arrangement and yet freely improvise over the score giving it a life and energy that is rarely scene in a “night club” today. The band performs it’s interpretation of various styles which include soul, funk, jazz, disco, classic rock and more. Some of the artists covered by Section 8 include James Brown, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Blues Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Blood Sweat & Tears, to name a few. The energy and excitement that Section 8 creates in it’s live performance truly, must be experienced! So make sure to check them out at one of their upcoming gigs.
Members: Rick Bell, Mac Cherry, Denny McGuire, Nate Johnson, Jerry Barrett, Tom Nalli, Paul Matthees, Jeff Thompson, Heidi Bain, Barb Morrison
Genre(s): soul, blues, jazz, rock, funk, cover band
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