Silky-soft skin: DIY Sugar Scrub using three pantry staples

Silky-soft skin: DIY Sugar Scrub using three pantry staples

Sugar scrub is at the top of the list of body care products I no longer purchase. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s really expensive at stores, and I found a great recipe that I can whip up without going to the store to buy ingredients―they’re already in the pantry. If you have brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla, you are three minutes away from having wonderful sugar scrub, too!

I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was after I used it. I keep a container full in my shower and use it all the time, especially in the winter.  The sugar removes dead skin cells, the oil moisturizes and the vanilla smells yummy. The three combine to leave your skin silky soft and smelling so good you could lick your own arm. (Go ahead. There are no artificial ingredients or chemicals that stop you from doing so, only social conventions, and I won’t judge…just this once.)

The simple recipe is below. I’ll give you bonus points if you make the vanilla extract yourself. (Did you know vanilla extract is made with vodka?) If you like, feel free to doctor up the recipe; instead of vanilla, try adding aroma with essential oils, or swap out the olive oil with almond oil or others to get a different scent. It makes a great gift!


  • 1 part brown sugar
  • 1 part olive oil
  • Vanilla extract

Mix well, and store in a sealed container. To use, stir to mix the oil and sugar, then scoop a small quantity in your hand. Rub on your skin, then rinse off with water.

This recipe is featured in my ebook, I Don’t Buy That: 12 simple recipes for DIY Household Basics. Click here to learn more.  This post originally appeared on Rosy Blu.



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