The Beehive Design Collective at Some Sum Studio

The Beehive Design Collective at Some Sum Studio

A must-see event in Winona tonight!  The Beehive Design Collective, an all-volunteer swarm of educators, artists, and activists based in Machias, Maine, travel to collect true stories from communities resisting resource colonialism across our hemisphere.  Then they weave the stories into “portable murals”, large-format posters that explain how we can preserve and protect our lands and our cultural heritage.  Each Beehive artwork captivates the eye with beautifully detailed illustrations of animals and plants, while inspiring us to create a better world together!  Several portable murals will be on display at Some Sum Studio tonight, along with a special multi-media presentation called ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction: Fracking, Sulfide Mining, and Tar Sands in the Great Lakes Region.  We’ll learn about how our local and regional resource issues in the Midwest are interconnected with justice movements across the globe.

The event begins at 7 pm at Some Sum Studio, at 168 E Third St in Winona, and is free and open to the public.

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