The Weathered Heads

The Weathered Heads
The Weathered Heads is a Minnesota band, which formed in Winona, MN in 2012. Many genres have influenced them but they conclusively prefer a blend of jam, rock, and pop for their sound. The band consists of Craig Weatherhead (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Jonathan Birdsall (saxophone, vocals), Chris Bullard (lead guitar, banjo,), Trevor Woggon (keyboard and guitar), Andy Bauer (Bass Guitar) and Alex Thomas (Drums). The grouping of Weatherhead’s emotional voice, Birdsall’s and Woggon’s combination of technical design and jazz-influenced improvisation, the complex vibrancy of Bullard’s melodies, Bauer’s unique groove, and the extemporizing articulation of Thomas’s rhythms construct the exhilarating tones that are The Weathered Heads.
Members: Craig Weatherhead, Jonathan Birdsall, Nick Novotny, Chris Bullard, Trevor Woggon, Andy Bauer
Genre(s): jam, rock
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